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Re: [ST] Helmet Recommendations for Headset

I have an Autocom headset in my Arai Astral.  Fits well but the headsets are 
a PITA to install. I was able to hide the speakers under the fabric in the 
cheek pads. Problem is getting them set "just right" because you have to 
keep adjusting them. Even then, I didn't find them that comfy and had to 
crank the volume up to get over the ear plugs.
With my new Scorpion EXO700, I solved the problem. Molded ear plug speakers. 
  $119 through ear plug super store. An adaptor lets you plug the ear plugs 
directly into the headset in place of the headset speakers. Wind noise cut 
off, high fidelity tunage, comfy with no worry about needing helmet space. 
Plus, the molded ear plugs are great for using with your portable in place 
of the uncomfy ear buds.
Oh, fwiw, the mail order place sent the goo to make your own plugs. I 
decided not to tempt bad karma and went to a local audiologist and them do a 
high quality mold for me. They even did it for no charge.

Something to consider.

Portland, OR
06 Sunset Red ST ABS

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