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Re: [ST] Helmet Recommendations for Headset

I have a long, oval shaped head and most always find that a Shoei  
fits me well. I don't do well with the fit of an Arai, and a Bell is  
just to round for me. I'm currently using an X-11 in Axis Yellow,  
which matches my '04 Daytona 955i & '00 Sprint RS, both yellow, and  
doesn't look bad when I'm on my Aztec Red KLR650, which has a splash  
of yellow on the tank. I call it "miss me yellow", because so far  
they have. Anyway, being a ham radio operator who supports public  
service events (charity walks, runs, marathons, bike rides, etc),  
often on a m/c, I don't think I could do without my Autocom system. I  
believe that I used pressure on a spoon to compress some of the liner  
foam, where the speakers needed to be for my ear location, before  
installing them. They are right against my ears, which is where they  
really need to be, but not uncomfortably so. I did have to adjust  
them a time or two to find the sweet spot for both feel and sound.  
Maybe your buddy could try the next size up and fit the thicker cheek  
pads and such to get a good fitting helmet with a bit more room for  
the speakers. The system is well worth the effort it may take to get  
things installed comfortably. Or he may have to be a bit more  
aggressive and/or creative in making room for them. Being able to  
remove liner pads and such is one of the beauties of the Shoei design.

Scottsdale, AZ

On Aug 7, 2006, at 2:48 PM, Erik Miner wrote:

> My buddy has the X11, he has a long oval head, he loves it.. Problem
> is there is no way to comfortabely fit Autocom speakers in.. we  
> tried .
> At 05:39 PM 8/7/2006, you wrote:
>> Consider finding an Arai dealer where you can try on the correct  
>> shell
>> shape to see if maybe a size "L" fits you better.  Also being long  
>> oval,
>> I end up with a big pressure point on my forehead and a helmet that
>> moves side to side more than I like.
>> My wife has a Quantum/f and loves it.  The Signet gave me a
>> claustrophobic feeling, particularly with those eyebrow vents.  My
>> problem, not Arai's.  Stuck with Shoei Z-II.  Then I  heard the Shoei
>> X-eleven has a pretty good Long Oval shape, although I have yet to  
>> stick
>> one on my head.
>> Jeremy Witt
>> Newbury Partners
>> (o) 603-893-3022
>> (c) 603-475-4228
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