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Re: [ST] st Digest, Vol 15, Issue 36

I had this same problem on my 99.  After doing a 24k mile service on it, it
went away.  I have no idea what part of the service was "the fix", but I did
the following: valves, throttle body sync, CO drifted to 7% and was reset to
3%, closed throttle position reset, IACV reset.  I have a weak battery and the
problem is still gone.  I was told by my dealer when I was troubleshooting this
last year that the ECU will kick the idle up when in neutral if the voltage is
low. That apparently was not the issue with mine.  I also have not touched the
neutral switch.  I don't know how this could possibly be the sole cause of the
problem.  I think the ECU decides to do something different when it senses
neutral, I just don't know what or why. 

I have to wonder if there is a different fuel map while in neutral.  The Rocket
3 has 4 different maps, one for 1st gear, one for neutral, one for 2nd gear,
and one for 3rd, 4th and 5th.  Hmmmm...  Good question for Wayne McDonald.

Jonathan West  

Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2006 08:05:17 -0700
From: Al Garvin <agarvin@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [ST] Idle problems

I have a 2000 ST with 60K miles on it. I don't like to take it to the 
dealers (cost too much) so I have done all my own maintenance, but I 
have run up against a problem that I haven't been able to fix.

The bike normally idles at 1100 rpm. After it gets warmed up, when I 
pull up to a stop sign and down shift to 1'st and leave it in gear it is 
idling at 1100-1200 rpm. But if I shift to neutral (with clutch in or 
out) the idle jumps to 1800-1900 rpm. If I drop it back into first the 
idle drops to 1400-1500. After I ride away from the stop, at the next 
stop, the idle is back to 1100-1200. Bike has no problems at other 
speeds. At first this would only happen occasionally, now it happens 
almost every time I stop at a light. As I am down shifting through the 
gears, when I pass neutral, I hear the rpm go up then back down when I 
get to first.

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