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Re: [ST] Another low speed fall...

Thanks, Guys.  I thought it was just me....

Dave Bardell

On Fri, 2 Jun 2006 10:16:27 -0400
  "Masiak, Richard" <Richard_Masiak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
>I've got the best one.
>I cleaned/lubed chain, washed and polished her leaving it 
>on my front walk.  An hourish later I hear thunder, oh 
>I run outside barefoot and scramble to wheel her into the 
>garage before the rain starts.  In my haste, and 
>straddling it, I lean it over thinking I put the side 
>stand down.  Oh no!  It's not down.  Bike starts going 
>over (with me on it).  My bare foot slides on the floor, 
>and over it goes.  Rather than drop it with me, I 
>struggle to lay it down gently while tweeking my back.
>The best part is, I can't get it back up.  Unlike my 
>former goldwing, that had crash bars to keep it at an 
>angle, my RS is laying completely horizontal.  Everytime 
>I try to pick it up it just slides, scratching my 
>fairing.  Out of frustration I grab a towel and use a 
>floor jack under the frame to jack it up to enough of an 
>angle that I can manage the weight and finish picking up 
>the bike.  I'm just glad it happened at home and not in 
>public.  Nothing as embarrassing as not being able to 
>pick up your bike in public.
>There!  I've shared my inner most bike secret.
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