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[ST] Sad news at the passing of a list member

I apologize if this is late news here as I have not
been regularly reading the list lately but since James
was a big help in supporting my American Cancer
Society Ride a couple years ago and encouraging the
list to do so as well I thought I'd share todays news
from Andrew Kay and the Riders of the Lost Empire.

"One of the things I like least about being the hub
for RotLE emails is having to pass along news like
James Golden of Knoxville, TN, has finally lost his
battle with cancer.  James fought his illness for
years, aided by the love of his family and friends and
his deep and abiding faith in God.  He rode his Sprint
ST for as long as he could, racing against his
illness, law enforcement and the Tennessee Drivers
License authority's attempts to get his license.  
Despite all the pain and ignominy of the cancer and
it's treatment, James never had a cross word for
anyone.  He lived his life like he rode: at speed and
with a clear idea of where he was headed.
God's speed to you, James, and our best to your loved
one's left behind.  Our thoughts and prayers are with
them.  RotLE will keep James name on the roster and
retire his number, as we do with all deceased members.
  You can reach his family at 4139 Skyline Drive,
Knoxville, TN 37914 if you wish to send condolences."

God's Speed James.


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