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Re: [ST] Sad news at the passing of a list member

Thanks for passing that along Hound Dawg. I hadn't heard. Never met 
him but you sure could tell from his posts:
1) He loved to ride. Fast.
2) He was a person of deep faith..
3) He really liked his Triumph Sprint ST
4) He was damn sure not gonna lay down and let cancer take him 
without a East Tennessee Last Lap Scrap.
I'm sorry to hear about that.
John Petrey

At 02:25 PM 8/30/2006, you wrote:
>I apologize if this is late news here as I have not
>been regularly reading the list lately but since James
>was a big help in supporting my American Cancer
>Society Ride a couple years ago and encouraging the
>list to do so as well I thought I'd share todays news
>from Andrew Kay and the Riders of the Lost Empire.
>"One of the things I like least about being the hub
>for RotLE emails is having to pass along news like
>James Golden of Knoxville, TN, has finally lost his
>battle with cancer.  James fought his illness for
>years, aided by the love of his family and friends and
>his deep and abiding faith in God.  He rode his Sprint
>ST for as long as he could, racing against his
>illness, law enforcement and the Tennessee Drivers
>License authority's attempts to get his license.
>Despite all the pain and ignominy of the cancer and
>it's treatment, James never had a cross word for
>anyone.  He lived his life like he rode: at speed and
>with a clear idea of where he was headed.
>God's speed to you, James, and our best to your loved
>one's left behind.  Our thoughts and prayers are with
>them.  RotLE will keep James name on the roster and
>retire his number, as we do with all deceased members.
>   You can reach his family at 4139 Skyline Drive,
>Knoxville, TN 37914 if you wish to send condolences."
>God's Speed James.
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