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Re: [ST] Euro Trip

On 30 Aug 2006, at 17:18, Emile Nossin wrote:

> I'm not sure the X-trafit is the same as the Gore Tex XCR. Here's  
> more on the technology, in German though:
> http://www.gore-tex.de/x-trafit/

I think they are different - but I am not sure that you can get  
motorcycle gloves with X-Trafit and XCR currently.  According to some  
page on Gore-Tex's UK site, X-Trafit is a shaped bit of Gore-Tex  

> At the heart of this glove is the newly developed X-trafit  
> technology which is a one-layer GORE-TEX membrane insert that has  
> already been shaped in the form of a glove.  This means that the  
> insert is wafer-thin and very supple, its sealed seams are not  
> noticeable.

XCR appears to be a fabric standard that incorporates the Gore-Tex  
membrane.  There are two and three layer versions - here is what it  
says about the two-layer version.

> Breathability is the key factor that sets GORE-TEX XCR outerwear  
> apart. With an average of 25% more breathability than GORE-TEX  
> fabric. The construction is similar to GORE-TEX; XCR 2-layer  
> fabric, but GORE-TEX XCR 2-layer laminates are made from textiles  
> which ensure high resistance to tear and abrasion.

The 3-layer version of XCR is apparently stronger than the 2-layer  
one.  There appear to be some XCR fabric gloves, but none that are  
used for motorcycling applications.

Have to say the Held Akira-Tex gloves look like a very appealing  
option.  Thanks Emile for highlighting them.



Gavin Lawrie

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