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Re: [ST] RE : Junk helmets, was Helmet Recommendation

>From: Kevin.Dicks@xxxxxxx
>Totally agree....but (as you point out) a more expensive helmet does NOT
>make it safer only more comfortable/better after sales server/a better

I don't think that's what we said... More expensive does not make it
necessarily safer, but the test does indicate that (in the case of
those helmets) a more expensive helmet IS safer... There is a correlation.
We know that the underlying cause is the choice of materials, quality
control, safety design etc. 


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From: emallett@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Marc is right. It is important to remember that MEETING the minimum
standard is not the same as EXCEEDING that standard. 
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>From : Marc Van Est[mailto:MarcVE@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
>She was wearing a "budget" helmet,
>We looked at the helmet, and could only conclude is was just not well 
>manufactured. There's no way it should have split
>I think there is more to ....$10 head... Than we give credit.
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>From: Emile Nossin
>Well, you'd think so. But an extensive test I have here of 10 flip-up 
>helmets suggests otherwise. They tested every aspect of the helmet, 
>including crash tests. Some helmets did do better than others, the 
>cheapest usually doing worse than the more expensive ones.
>So there is a difference in safety and it seems that it usually (in 
>this case at least, except for the BMW production error) also 
>correlated with price.

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