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Re: [ST] RE : Junk helmets, was Helmet Recommendation

Emile - if I am recalling correctly, the test you speak of was strictly for flip-open helmets, correct?  I'm not saying anything other than to be careful extrapolating data outside of it's test realm.  If I needed to speculate, I could see where the extra cost in materials for the hinges and mechanisms in the flip-open helmets would cause a safer helmet to be more expensive.  But I won't wear a flip-open.  A local guy crashed, knocked his the mouthguard area of the helmet on the pavement, which caused the lid to open and thus tore up his face as he continued his crash.  Again, this is where I can see the costs of materials in the flip-opens possibly correlating to safety.  But they are not for - not worth the risk.  And heck, they are not even allowed on the track (that should say something), so I would have to double my costs to have separate helmets, and be replacing both when they get old...
  Matt Heyer

Emile Nossin <Emile@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
  >From: Kevin.Dicks@xxxxxxx
>Totally agree....but (as you point out) a more expensive helmet does NOT
>make it safer only more comfortable/better after sales server/a better

I don't think that's what we said... More expensive does not make it
necessarily safer, but the test does indicate that (in the case of
those helmets) a more expensive helmet IS safer... There is a correlation.
We know that the underlying cause is the choice of materials, quality
control, safety design etc. 


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From: emallett@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Marc is right. It is important to remember that MEETING the minimum
standard is not the same as EXCEEDING that standard. 
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>From : Marc Van Est[mailto:MarcVE@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
>She was wearing a "budget" helmet,
>We looked at the helmet, and could only conclude is was just not well 
>manufactured. There's no way it should have split
>I think there is more to ....$10 head... Than we give credit.
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>From: Emile Nossin
>Well, you'd think so. But an extensive test I have here of 10 flip-up 
>helmets suggests otherwise. They tested every aspect of the helmet, 
>including crash tests. Some helmets did do better than others, the 
>cheapest usually doing worse than the more expensive ones.
>So there is a difference in safety and it seems that it usually (in 
>this case at least, except for the BMW production error) also 
>correlated with price.

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