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Re: Winterizing/Oil Level

On Tue, 31 Oct 2000 05:16:16 -0800, "Ludo Andries"
<dijledal.andries@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Hi Reddy,
>Since the tank in non-metal, it is recommended that you leave it with as
>less fuel in it as possible because the toxic elements in the fuel might
>'eat' the polymere.

Highly unlikely. In normal use the bottom portion of the tank is
always in contact with fuel. If fuel could attack and damage the
plastic, the bottoms of the tanks would fall out no matter what you do
with the fuel level.

>Prevent condensation is useless because your tank can
>not rust.

Condensation in a plastic tank may not cause rust, but it *will* cause
water to collect at the bottom of the tank. The engine have a lot of
trouble running on water. Additionally, there is a kind of anaerobic
microbe that lives at the interface between water and fuel. It can
make for a real mess if significant amounts of water get into the

>I recommend you to use a fuel stabilizer.

Excellent suggestion. If condensation is a problem, some de-icer might
not be a bad idea either. After putting in the stabilizer and de-icer,
be sure to ride the bike for a while so that it gets into the external
part of the fuel system. It shouldn't take too long for that to

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