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re: winterizing

>  From: "Harries, Mort" <mort.harries@xxxxxx>, on 10/31/2000 14:23:
>  I've also read that you should put a few extra psi of pressure in the tires
>  before storing.  But I dunno why.....

	My guess would be to prevent a flat spot at the contact patch. Also
because the temperature will most likely drop a lot, and if it drops your tire
pressure far enough, it may separate from the rim. Just speculation, 'cause
here in Texas we winterize by filling up the tank twice a week and ridin' the
heck out of it!

	"Jedi Dawg"  Jim Huber
	'00 blue ST  "Rhiannon"
	'01 red SV650S - as yet unnamed
	Spring, Texas, USA

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