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[ST] '06 ST Questions

>> I noticed the same thing with the high beam on my 05 the first time I rode it
at night. For some reason the beam was adjusted to give me a great view of
the tree tops or any low flying aircraft that happened to be there.
Having discovered thats its a pencil beam, the best I could come up with was
to adjust it so that half of the "spot" sits just above the edge of low beam.

Thanks Brett, I'll try adjusting the beam.  

Do you notice the new model seems to run a bit hotter than the old model?  Mine
has 6 'bars' on the temp guage which seems to be 'normal' operating temp,
occasionally in traffic it goes up to 7 'bars' then the fan cuts in.  This
worries me a bit because we are in mid winter and there doesn't appear to be
many 'bars' above 7.  Also noticed that it doesn't start as easy as the old
model when cold, is yours the same?

PS (friendly warning) If your thinking of a ride up the old pacific highway soon
think again, some chaps gave the local constabulary the slip last weekend and
they aren't happy (cops reckon they 'broke off' the persuit at 250kph - yeah
right).  Needless to say they will now be punishing all riders.

Michael Browne
06 Sprint ST

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