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Re: [ST] Front Brake Difference

One thing that may help too is putting teflon tape on the bleeder 
valves.  It helped out on a friend's 2003 S3.  I did it on my 2002 ST 
and it seemed to help there too.


Bil Swartz wrote:
> On Thu, 16 Nov 2006, Alderman, John E wrote:
>> So what happened?  Something must have changed along the way.
> Dirt and brake dust built up along the way keeping your pistons from 
> working optimally.  And/or you have air or moisture in your lines?
> I'm not sure how long you've been a liSTer John, but the procedure for 
> bleeding and cleaning the pots is in the archive a few times I'm sure. 
> You basically want to unbolt one caliper, use a paint stir stick or 
> similar between the pads to keep the pots from squeezing too far out when 
> you pump the lever a couple of times to get 'em to come out some, then 
> spray brake cleaner behind the pads around the pots to clean 'em up.  An 
> old tooth brush helps too.  Take care not to get gook on your pad 
> surfaces.  Squeez the pads/pots back into the caliper and remount, repeat 
> for the other side.  Finish up by flushing/bleeding the system with some 
> fresh fluid and I think you'll be happy for another 5-7k miles.
> I've also discovered this periodic maintenance item isn't just something 
> use trumpet owners need to do, both Hondas in the stable responded 
> similarly to the process so I'd think this affects all bikes.
> FWIW, HIH, YMMV, SDA, yada yada yada.

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