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Re: [ST] Questions and wanted

I changed my OEM pads at 13K because Carbonne Lorraine had a good sale going.  The back was almost gone but the fronts were still good.  I really like the CL A3+'s.  Richard, you aren't alone with the rear pad thing.  Lots of guys mention that.  Some blame it on chain lube and crud.  I just think its just the way things are.

I think it was Todd thinking about Strada's.  Mine are in the chords at 4.1K.  The Z6 which I rode much harder went at 4.8K miles.  They are very similar handling but the Z6 is better.  I'm putting Avon AV45/46's on right now.
---- "Masiak wrote: 
> WOW.  Front pads?  My fronts are original OEM and have 26K on them.  They are ready to be replaced just now.  I'll be on my third set of rear pads.  I wonder if something is wrong with the caliper because I hardly use the rear brake.
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