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Re: [ST] Tire Pressure

> I'm going to get an IR thermometer in the near future and will be  
> testing
> this stuff on the street.  Since I don't ride on a track, what  
> track guys do
> is interesting but is not necessarily what applies to me.   A guy  
> on the
> triumprat list did do the temp stuff on a Z6.  He wound up reducing  
> pressure
> because the center was much hotter than the edges.  He has 6k miles  
> on his
> current Z6 and still has tread to go.  I'm at the chords at 4.8k  
> which at
> $140 per tire really interests me. (withoug actually riding with  
> the guy, it
> sounds like we are similar riders, definitely not commuters)

Is your rear tire wearing out in the center, with plenty of tread  
left on the edges, even though you are more a corner carver than a  
straight-line commuter?  If so, reducing tire pressure a bit will  
probably even out the wear.  Even for hard runs through a sharp  
series of corners, though, the center of your tire will maintain more  
heat than the edges, because no matter which edge you are leaning on,  
the center is not far away.

I would have thought that those who have more corners than straight  
lines may wear out the edges of their tire faster, but maybe not?


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