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Re: [ST] for Marc -

From: Matthew Heyer
>>(so basically the centripetal
>>force that was counteracting gravity). 
> Again softening the blow, except that in a low side 
> the bike has lost its traction that acted as a pivot
> point to balance the centripetal force and gravity

Yep, it's just the decrease of vertical distance that
gives the mass less time to accelerate. 
>>But if at least one wheel
>>is still turning you also have (here we go again) the precession
>>force of the wheels that will want to resist the lean change
> I'm not sure where this comes into play going around a curve once
> traction is lost and the bike is >falling/sliding from loss of traction.

The precession force is present as long as the wheels are turning,
independent whether they turn at the speed of the asphalt or not
(= slide/skid). So if you would literally "lock up" the wheels,
this resisting force would not be present.


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