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G'day guys.  Red 02ST

I've ridden many Sportsters, a few FatBoys, etc, found them
fun but was glad to give them back - seems they really
didn't do anything well - except make a heap of noise, and
even that gets a bit much to sit on top of,  on a long
ride. (Anyone got some earplugs please...)

Got a Triumnph Sports can on my 02ST - certainly loud
enought and for mine promotes plenty of "attitude"

For mine, it's like the third dimension, drive a car - ride
a bike - ride a harley, each has it's own joy and
challanges, but you cant really compare what a harley does
with a REAL bike ..

Hey, not ragging them too much - they do suit a lot of
people and their riding styles.

Cheers / Harry

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