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[ST] Hardley's

OK, here we go: Rik, did you know that 90% of all Hardleys ever built are
still on the road?
The other 10% made it home to the garage and trailer:-)
Ease up.

Rik Relph wrote:
OK, have you ever ridden a Harley?
      Yes I have Rik and I hated sitting there with my right leg swung out
to clear the air cleaner. It was under powered, felt like it wanted to fall
over in turns but the scrapping bits stopped that.

If you haven't, then shut the fxxx up.
      Well I have so I can speak if it's OK with you. But you can lose the
language on the list her please.

Until you have you just don't know.
      Repeat the above one more.

I have ridden triumphs since the late 70's, along with a load of other
English bikes.
      Me too so now we have a lot in common.

I have only ever owned one japper.
      I never owned a japper that's called slavery. But I have owned
Japanese motorcycles, and Italian, and British.

I don't have a car.
      What does this have to do with the price of toilet paper in China? If
you ever own one would you get what fits the need or spend twice the others
for attitude? Loud pipes required?

I ride 45k miles a year, about 20 on my Sprint, the rest on the Harley, and
yes the Harley is the more fun to ride.
      In your opinion. Then that's your thing but you can get that same
ride for about half what you spent, get better mileage, and have fun.

The Sprint is a whole lot faster, but has nothing in attitude compared with
the Harley.
      Aha, now we see the culprit; Attitude. So this is what one buys a
motorcycle for. Geesh, I guess if one needs something to reinforce their
weakness we can always lay down cold hard cash. But attitude is what gets
me the most about a large percentage of the Hardley crowd. Ever pass a
group of them on the road, wave, and they just look at you like your not
worthy. too many times IMHO. We have a motorcycle club here at work, guess
what the Hardley crowd wants to do? Ride fifteen minutes to a coffee shop
or bar and sit around talking about riding motorcycles. Not all of the
riders are this way. I have two buddies on them that are long distance
riders but the majority around here are.
      Attitude, definition: remove pipes and install some devilishly loud
straight pipes so it seems like your really going. And maybe someone will
look at you and say "Look he is riding a motorcycle". Don't worry about
what the offended masses might do to rile against all motorcycles because
of a selfish few. Just pump up your attitude.   Ever hear a open pipe
Hardley coming? Nope, but you sure do when it finally goes by. But we'll
defend loud pipes as life savers. I guess that works if your stopped since
the throttle has to be blasted up and down to keep that attitude pumped. Or
maybe it's to warn the cages of your presence. I have been at too many
hotels already that do not allow any motorcycles. The reason? Noise. Well
Buck-o guess who the vast majority of offenders are?

Once you have cleared your minds of crap and bxxxsxxxx take a ride on a
Harley, if you don't enjoy it class yourself as a motorcyclist, don't buy
one and shut the fxxx up,
      OK, that explains the attitude thing. Oh, I forgot, you paid double
for that attitude to make up for inadequacies. Your either for us or
against us right?

if you do enjoy it you can class yourself as a biker and when you can buy
yourself one.
      I am a biker IMHO and I will buy and ride what tool I fell fits the
job description the best. I will buy that tool at the best cost since I
don't ride to fulfill my attitude. I ride for me, not someone else.

That is all I have to say.
      Good. I was having trouble hearing you because of the loud attitude

I wait for the winging sxxx eaters to flame me BIG time.
      No flame, just shaking my head.


Take it tongue in cheek buddy. We all ride.

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