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Re: [ST] Quick Tire

My mate Jon got the machined socket back from another friends son.

This guys son is doing engineering at Tech, and did the machining for
free as part of one of the projects he had to do. In return we will take
some digital pics of the fit after the machining, so he should get good
marks for doing a project out of the ordinary.

He did a brilliant job - its machined flat with a lip cut on the lathe
so that it slips under the collar - a nice snug fit.

This Saturday my wheel comes off! Monday I get the new tyre and
balancing done, next weekend we fit the rim and then do Jon's. (I have
to wait for next weekend to borrow the torque wrench)

Please would someone confirm the torque setting for me for the SSW. I
have it as :

Rear wheel to stub axle 146Nm.


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