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Re: [ST] Quick Tire

>>> matthewheyer@xxxxxxxxx 8/23/2006 8:27 AM >>>
I agree.  It's a style thing.  Most street riders do not brake hard
(this is a relative term), and their corner entry speeds are not too
high.  And this is the correct way to ride on the street - set a speed
with a margin for things to happen, and then accelerate around/out of
corners.  Accelerate hard when you want and can, and start to slow down
when there is the possibility of needing to go slower to avoid danger. 
Doing this leads to fairly light wear on the front tire relative to the
rear.  Add in more style things like how much you engine brake and bang
downshifts, and what rpm you run at (higher rpm has more engine braking,
and so even rolling off the throttle wears the rear as it slow the
bike), and this all leads to people wearing their tires differently.  
So I wouldn't worry about it unless the wear on the tire appears odd in
pattern or the like.  Style will dictate how you wear your tires, but
for the most part street riding leads to more wear on the rear than

Matt Heyer


I think Matt hit it on the head...  Tire wear is directly proportional
to how you ride. I engine brake a lot, and it looks like I should get
around 6,500-7,000 miles out of my AV46 rear.  My front still looks
good, with about 50% wear (currently have about 5,700 on the tires). 
We'll see whether I change the front out, depends on available funds and
condition of the tire...  I may try a different brand too, in which case
I would change both.

FWIW, I seem to be hard on tires and use more gas than others... My
average mileage while commuting is 36, while touring is 42...



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