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Re: [ST] Higher RPM for racing?

Make sense, but my question is, Could you run the motor down at 3000 RPM if
it that's where it's power was and it was cranking the rear wheel fast
enough to maintain the speed needed through the turns?
This is what cruisers do.  They develop maximum torque at lower rpms, and are geared to run in this range.  So does a Honda Goldwing engine.
However, if you can develop that same torque at a higher rpm, you have more power; but the lower rpm range suffers.  Again, the trade off.  And anyone would want more power, so why not put this engine in everything?  Cost of parts to run at these rpm, driveability of the engine at lower rpm suffers, more difficult to ride relaxed, etc.
I understand your gas mileage theory, but it doesn't always work out that simply....
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