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Re: [ST] Helmet Recommendations for Headset


I think your best bet would be to go down to the local HonYamaKawaSuzi 
deal who is likely to carry a good number of helmet brands and try some 
on.  We've all got such radically different shaped heads that in my 
opinion try-before-you-buy is the only good approach to getting a helmet 
that fits well.  It's like buying a scuba mask, it either fits you or it 
doesn't and if it doesn't how good a deal you can get doesn't matter. 
For me, unfortunately, this meant buying an Arai as all of the HJC 
helmets I tried on didn't fit well at all.  The good part is that gone 
are the days of feeling a helmet try to lift off my head as I go down the 
road.  I'm sure if I had looked harder I could have found one that fit 
for less $$$ but I was in somewhat of a bind as I had a gift certificate 
to a certain dealer who only carried two brands.

That's my 2¢,


Joel Ashman wrote:
> OK,
> So I rode to VA from State College, PA this weekend, and put about 4 hours
> in each way (taking the long way there and back).  It's PAINFULLY obvious
> that my Caberg Justissimo helmet just isn't going to cut it any longer.
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