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[ST] Helmet Recommendations for Headset


So I rode to VA from State College, PA this weekend, and put about 4 hours
in each way (taking the long way there and back).  It's PAINFULLY obvious
that my Caberg Justissimo helmet just isn't going to cut it any longer.
It's WAY too noisy, and it's so compact inside that the padding around my
ears actually hurts with or without earplugs.  With earbuds, it's almost too
painful from the start.  I can't get my headset from my Autocomm in it
either because of the flip-up.  I like the Autocomm because I can attach my
phone and iPod, and even GPS Nav at the same time.

So, with those in mind, I'm looking for a new helmet, non-flipup, that I can
get my headset into.  I remember HJC, who used to own Chatterbox (and maybe
still does?), made most of their helmets with little pockets for the headset
for the Chattterbox.  I had a Shoei RF-700 that I really liked until it was
ruined by mold (don't ask!) but I had to do some work to get the headset in
place comfortably.

Oh yeah, I'm not looking to drop $400US or more.  If I could keep things
under $300US or closer to $200US, that'd be better.  I'm also a fan of solid
colors instead of fancy graphics, so that ususally saves $$


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