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Re: [ST] Tires for a 2000 RS

IMO, the test criteria is part of the problem.  First, 020's suck in
cold weather - not evaluated.  Second, the rear tire tends to square
off, ruining the feel well before it runs out of tread - not
evaluated.  Third is the oft-lamented tendency for the 020 front to
cup.  And forth, is their tendency to stand up under trail braking.
Comparatively, Avon's excel in all of these categories.

Granted, I'm not a fast rider - halfast, right - but I've never been
able to fault the Avons when used for sport touring, as they were

'Modern' Bridgestone's, on the other hand haven't shown me much.  My
Trophy had BT54's which were ok on a warm, dry day but in the wet, I
called them Battlaxatives.  My Sprint came with BT57's which were so
numb that I replaced them at 620 miles...

I'm currently running a Pirelli Diablo front and a Diablo Strada rear.
I like them a lot too.  We'll see how they perform over their tread

Rick in Oregon
'01 Sprint ST

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