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Re: [ST] Tires for a 2000 RS

>From: halfast3
>Nothing personal, Emile, but having worn out a few sets of both, I'd
>be highly skeptical of any test which rates the BT020 higher than the
>AV45/46! >Rick in Oregon

I'm just the messenger... they are both almost identical in points though
(1 point of difference in the dry, 2 points of difference in the wet).
The BT020 wasn't rated that good either (non of the tires were considered
bad though). The test says the follow up of the BT020 is expected to come
out soon and will probably make a large leap forward, knowing that the
BT020 is the classic sport touring tire. I never had problems with
BT020's on my ST1100ABSTCS.

So far I'm not that happy with the Avons on my bike. I happen to have
a Viper sport on the front that's very badly cupped and a Azaro ST on
the rear which was made so poorly that it needed a huge load of trim
weight on the wheel, the shop that put it on never had a tire that
was so much out of shape. I can imagine that they last long though
(the Azaro that is, the Viper wore very quickly), that AV46 seems to
have a very deep / thick thread.

The BT057's sucked because they were worn way too fast, the Z6 was
nice on the rear until it was worn to the thread suddenly (and very
squarly), the Michelin Pilot Roads were very nice in handling and
kept their shape fine until they were worn (which was a lot longer
than the BT057's). Just my own experience of course...


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