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Re: [ST] Tires for a 2000 RS (test info)

>From: david.funk@xxxxxxxxxxx
>While I completely agree that it is required to test
>the tires on the same motorcycle, I still think a
>significate difference could arise between the light
>bike and a heavy bike. Things like sidewall stiffness
>and behavior over bumps,...

True, then again.. if the Avon suffers from a decrease
in stability on the R6 because of a weak carcas (sidewall
etc), it would probably be worse on a Sprint.

>In addition, I feel all modern tires are very good. So the
>difference between best and worst is fine enough to make
>it hard to tell in the real world of street riding. All
>that said, I still can't resist reading tests.

True, true. This test was mostly about safety, testing
the limits of a tire. On a track to keep the parameters
constant, but in circumstances (and temps) comparable
to real world riding. The biggest difference I feel in
tires is the difference between a new and a worn one
and the financial effect when a tires wears quicker
then another.


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