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Re: [ST] Tires for a 2000 RS (test info)

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From: "Emile Nossin" <Emile@xxxxxxxxxx> 

> >From: david.funk@xxxxxxxxxxx 
> >1) How much difference does it make that they tested with an R6? 
> >That is a very light bike compared to my '00 Sprint ST. 
> I think it's more useful to compare differences between tires 
> on the same bike. You'd measure the same kinds of differences, 
> only more or less pronounced, when you'd compare them on a Sprint. 
> If one tire is less stable than another on the R6, it should be 
> similar (in difference) on the Sprint. 

While I completely agree that it is required to test the tires on the same motorcycle, I still think a significate difference could arise between the light bike and a heavy bike. Things like sidewall stiffness and behavior over bumps,...
But we can't dictate what gets tested, so we take what we can get.

In addition, I feel all modern tires are very good. So the difference between best and worst is fine enough to make it hard to tell in the real world of street riding. All that said, I still can't resist reading tests.

David W. Funk
'00 Sprint ST
Pleasanton, CA
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