Fuel Sender Recall - October 2000


Affected Models:

Affected VIN Range:

" If left unattended, there is a possibility that the fuel level sender will leak fuel over the engine "

Copy of UK recall letter - click to expand
Copy of UK recall notice - click to expand 

Full Text of Recall (as distributed in the U.S.)


Affected Models: Sprint ST, Sprint RS & T709 Tiger (Injected)

Affected VIN Range: Sprint ST & Tiger 096419 - 112417
+ all machines having a replacement Fuel Sender fitted as a spare.

Affected VIN Range: Sprint RS 095944 - 112417

We require your immediate attention on the rectification of some Sprint ST, Sprint RS and Fuel Injected Tigers. If left unattended, there is a possibility that the fuel level sender will leak fuel over the engine. The potentially leaky fuel level sender has a green cap.

These green capped senders were fitted in production between VIN 096419 and 112417 for Sprint ST and Tigers, and VIN 095944 - 112417 for Sprint RS.

They were also distributed via our Parts Department as a replacement spare. Please return all green capped senders to our Parts Department for full credit. Only grey capped senders, Part No. T2400526, are to be used to repair affected recall machines.

It is therefore imperative that any owners having either recently purchased an "affected" machine or had a replacement green capped fuel sender fitted should be contacted immediately and asked to return the machine to you. It is unlikely that these owners will have been contacted directly by Triumph by letter and we must therefore rely on your services.

Important Parts Supply Information

Unfortunately we do not have sufficient parts to repair all affected bikes at present. Therefore we must ask you to prioritize bikes as follows and organize repairs in the following order:

  1. 1. Top Priority - Customers bikes and dealer demos.
  2. 2. Second Priority - Bikes being prepared for customer collection.
  3. 3. Third Priority - Unsold floor stock.

Please place an order to our Parts Department for the minimum number of fuel senders based upon the above Priority. You will appreciate that with limited parts available to us, we must prioritize customer's machines. Please do not order any additional senders from the Triumph Parts Department until notified. Please anticipate their arrival in 2 or 3 working days. Once Triumph Motorcycles America has received full stock, we will ask that you order any outstanding senders from our Parts Department. We are expecting our first shipment of grey capped fuel senders by 10 October, and full stock within 30 days of that date.

Triumph Motorcycles America will contact existing customers by mail commencing 15 October. Please ensure you contact any owner who has recently had a fuel sender replaced. Also, all unsold bikes must be modified (by law) prior to being released to new customers.

Eric's note - If you have any questions, please contact your dealer.