2004 Triumph Sprint ST Tank Removal
by Wilson Steele

    So the other day, I decided that I might want to know the air intake temp of my bike.  I’m not really sure if that makes sense to the rest of you, but that’s the type of guy I am.  I am thinking of installing some header wrap some time soon, and I’ll let you know what the effects are at that point.
    I am also looking for a way to replace my temp gauge with one with real numbers, a 270deg swing, and a switch to go from H2O to Oil sensing.  But on with this project.

SprintST2004 Triumph Sprint ST
Man she’s pretty.  Let’s take all kinds of stuff apart just to look at it.  Or find out what the air intake temp is during normal riding.

Tank removal
It’s actually not all that hard, there’s one bolt we all stare at below the steering tube.

Tank Lines
Tank LinesThere are 6 things to take off the tank: 2 breather tubes, 2 fuel lines, and 2 electrical connections.
Hey, that tank is light!  Wait a minute, it’s fiberglass!!! Way cool. No wonder those magnetic tank bags won’t stay on.  Actually, it’s plastic, I can’t tell whether it’s fiber reinforced or not.  But way-cool none the less.

Lines Off
Lines Off    So when all the lines are off, it should look something like at right.  I went ahead and put a few zip-ties around the frame to hold everything out of the way for me.
    There will be some residual fuel spillage when things are disconnected, but not that much.
    The tank doesn’t seem to leak at all when lines are un-plugged, so kudos to triumph engineers for not making me drain the tank to play with taking the tank off.  Not like the old Honda in the corner.


Tank Off
No TankSo, now you’ve got this far, and you have the air box looking at yourself:

Airbox Top Off
Airbox OpenOkay, so here we are.  I decided to put my temp sensor right in the paper element of my filter, away from the engine side of things.  Even though it’s a small thermo couple, I still don’t want a chance of metal bits in the engine.


 For Reassembly, Hold Computer Screen to Mirror.

Put it all back together, and go for a ride.  Hope the pictures help.  Info on header wrap as soon as I get around to it, which could be quite some time.

 Cheers, and keep the rubber down,