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Piaa 1100X driving lights Submitted by: Erik Miner $200-$235US
Installed - Various views - click on pics to expand

Close Up


The Control (below radar unit)


Front view


Side View

"I decided that the stock headlights just weren't enough for these old eyes...."

Full Side view
After the unplanned night ride at the Rally on the Blue Ridge this year I decided that the stock headlights just weren't enough for these old eyes. I'd installed a set of PIAA 1100X driving lights on my BMW K12RS and I wanted to do the same for the ST. I was very happy with the performance and size of the PIAA 1100X lights. These are dichronic driving lights as opposed to a fog light so the orientation of the units won't effect the pattern ( a fog light won't work correctly mounted on it's side) So after MUCH thought and placing the lamps here and there the front fender mounting bolts ( the ones where the silly bicycle reflectors are mounted from the factory) were selected as the best location for both function, appearance, and ease of removal.
The Piaa 1100X lights are really miniature flame throwers with a rated output of 96,000 candle power a pair ! The installation was relatively easy except for a couple of issues. Since these lights are designed for a car the wiring harness needs to be modified a bit, this consists mainly of lengthening one of the driving light leads, and shortening up some others. I also relocated the connectors that connect the lights to the harness to move them up into the body work to make things look cleaner.
The only tip I can give anyone who's thinking of doing this is "take your time" it's really not hard the wiring harness is pre assembled with the relay's and fuse all together ( it really is pretty much a plug in affair. I located the bulk of the wiring ( relay, fuse holder etc) on the right side of the bike just back and below the battery area. You will need to remove the rear body work and the large side panels. The cockpit can stay in place as well as the belly pan. Hook up to the bikes electrical system is very simple just attach a couple of leads to the battery and one ground point on the bike. Mine are wired so that they can be turned on with the headlights either on low or high beam and they will shut off with the ignition key (there's a lead that one ties into a keyed ignition source)
The PIAA 1100X's are priced at $235.00 retail.. I bought mine off eBay for $165.00 plus shipping, most retail places sell them for about $215.00. They only weight about 6 oz's each and the motion of the forks doesn't seem to upset them.. light isn't jumping around etc. All in all if you feel that you could use some help on those dark lonely roads, or dread getting caught out at night I can't think of a better upgrade. The PIAA's make it fun to ride at night!
- Erik (Hot Dawg) Miner