Sprint ST Accessories
Gen Mar Handlebar Risers
Risers for the ST have been completed! GenMar Mfg. Co.
1815 Vista Sierra Ct
Las Cruces, NM 88005
Phone/Fax: 505-524-4485
Check out their website at http://www.zianet.com/GenMar/
The GenMar ST riser - click to expand
One ST riser
1 Riser installed - click to expand
ST Riser installed on the left vs. stock on the right
Kit includes a longer front brake cable in addition to the risers.
Additional Parts Required:
(5) new crush washers (2 top - 3 bottom)
Container of DOT4 brake fluid to fill new line

Note: The stock routing of the clutch cable will cause the cable to be stretched in the event of a full left turn of the bars.
Normally it comes up under the fairing, through a guide on top of the radiator, around the front of the ignition switch, and up over the bar in a metal feed tube. The problem with this location is that in a full left turn of the bars, the cable is stretched beyond its 100 % length. To correct this, the cable can be re-routed behind the ignition switch.
There are two columns behind the ignition switch, which holds the switch to the upper triple tree. What the installer needs to do, is to route the cable behind the switch, but in front of the left column. This space is narrow (but all rounded edges) so the top end of the cable must be run through. So, in order to do that, the cable must be fully removed first. The lower end of the cable has a large connector that cannot be removed - because of this connector, you can't run the bottom end through the opening. So, the modified route would be - up under the fairing, through the guide on the radiator, behind the ignition switch and up over the bar. New Clutch cable route