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Re: [ST] What's Wrong?

Right on, Mark!  I own a Harley as well as an '01 ST and DRz400.  Every group has bad apples.  On the sport bike side the equivalent group to the Harley "posers" is probably the "squids".  These guys do at least the same amount of damage to our image - maybe more. 
I pick my friends by virtue of character - not by what they ride.

> Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2006 12:33:56 +0200> From: MarcVE@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> To: ST@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Subject: Re: [ST] What's Wrong?> > Here's the thing: I actually like the sound they make and the cruiser> look.> > I hate the handling aspect, and the twits (around here anyway) who you> usually see posing on them. What's with that scarf thing and the tassels> anyway?> > Most of all I hate the disrespect other bikers have for riders of the> big 'H'. > > It's a pity, because they are not all posers -some are even classy> enough to own Triumphs and be on this list (exception proves the rule?)> > If I had the budget, one of the four or five bikes (six?)I would own> would be a cruiser - probably the RocketIII - but the Vrod in black is a> nice looking thing to potter down to the local for an Ale or two or> three..... .> > Lets be honest, anyone on two wheels is on our side!> > > Cheers> > > Marc> Cape Town, RSA - 955 Daytona > _______________________________________________> Triumph Sprin
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