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Re: [ST] Track Day Update

I need to fit a lap timer to my Daytona.

I did a track day yesterday, 160kms in total over three sessions
-actually four - one was interrupted by a minor crash.

I had a friend take a few of my lap times, but either he just managed to
miss all my decent laps or I'm not going as well as I thought I was.

He timed me at 1m 42s, which is poor considering the average for the
medium speed guys is 1m35. I chased a mate around who was timed at 1m
32s, and I hung on to him for a few laps.

The pros (e.g. the national super bike events) go round at 1m 15s - I
have no idea how they can shave so much time on such a tight and bumpy

I struggle to pass slower riders, so coming up on one will destroy my

I also realise how hard it is to do a solid lap, most laps I'd have a
corner that I would think I did really well, but also always a corner
where it didn't work out.

You need to have instant feedback on a lap to see if something worked or
made it worse.


Cape Town, RSA 
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