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[ST] 675 Daytona

Hi All

We had a good Triumph RAT ride here on Sunday. Did about 240kms with
about 16 bikes, mostly Triumphs of all shapes and sizes.

I got to try a 675 Daytona through the Rooi Els pass.
The 675 is very well done: even a complete beginner could ride it
without worrying about being thrown off. Its got a great suspension -
supple on roads that aren't perfect but still feels and goes like a
track bike. The power delivery is very good - pulls from low down, no
massive power band at the top but also never runs out of puff.
I was utterly amazed as to how good the motor is, it feels more like a
750 than a 600, but I still felt the bike lacked the ballsy "punch" in
the mid range that I love on my bike. I'd like to have the power my bike
puts out with the 675's handling.

After riding the 675 I think anyone buying a 600 Jap four cylinder has
lost their marbles. If Triumph can do so much with a 675cc, imagine what
they could do to a 975cc? The 675 should be very quick on track days and
through the mountains.
I also took a mates 2005 CBR1000RR through the same pass. I ended up
disappointed with the CBR.

Its very classy and smooth, but the power delivery is not right for me.
The mid range feels flat with a big rush at the top. It feels like it
would be hard to ride fast, pick the wrong gear and you will struggle.
The top end is very, very strong, quite a bit stronger than the 140odd
HP my Dayona pushes out at full tilt. It felt as quick as the ZX10 I
rode a while ago, but somehow not as exciting.
The front brake felt "wooden", I couldn't feel where it was taking up -
maybe he needs new pads -and it was scaring me. I couldn't get confident
that the front wouldn't tuck in under the brakes, I was much happier
(and faster) on the 675.
In the end both bikes are not for me, I was happy to get back on my

Nice to ride all these bikes and still be happy with my own bike. I'll
wait for a bigger Daytona.

Cape Town, RSA

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