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[St] Hyabusa caliper experience

I installed Hyabusa calipers on my 2000 ST last winter and so far I'm happy.
The caliper bolt pattern is identical so they bold right on. The brake line
attachment point is a bit lower on the 'busa units, however, so the stock
Triumph crossover line will not fit. I chose to use a second line down from
the master cylinder to the left caliper, instead of replacing the crossover.
I measured carefully and had one made up by an online vendor. It turned out
a couple inches too long, but that's better than too short. 

In operation they are quite powerful. I'm happy. The Tokikos came on
Hyabusas and a number of other bikes and they're available in black and
gold, depending on the year.

Walt Greenwood
Everwett, Washington

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