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[ST] Brake failure at Speed

Greetings all, long time no speak! (been lurking)

I guy I know had an almost fatal end to his ride (with his wife on the
back!) a week or so ago.

At high speed (160/170 kms/h) on his 2005 ST1050 (non ABS) he spotted an
intersection coming up and applied the front brakes to start slowing down.

There was an initial bite and then Zap -no front brakes at all.

He couldnt slow the bike down in time on the bake brake and motor, and ended
up jumping the intersection, lucky there was no car coming!

It turned out that the pin holding the discs in place had somehow vibrated
itself loose and dropped out. When he braked it ejected the pads with a
complete loss of pressure.

I had a look at the replacement pin, and was amazed that there is no
retaining split pin like on my Daytona, and on my previous RS.

It seems insane for there not to be a split pin or circlip to hold the pin

Anyone heard of this problem before?

Cape Town, RSA

By the way: my friend Jon's bike is still sick after his oil pump pressure
relief valve failure at 10 000kms, now its leaking oil after getting it back
three weeks later.
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