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[ST] 18

First, just to the message after being away the last four days.
Hey Steve, Yeap 18!
I can't believe it. But where I was a Eagle Scout and all over map reading,
etc. She has never caught it as hard as I tried.
But she has my math skills down pat and blows that away. Go figure. Her mom
is the same way. Neither can point north without a compass except at night
when they can find the big dipper and the north star. Must be hi-jacked
Any was I wanted something very simple. I have spent way too much time with
her on her call when she has gone 180 degrees the wrong way when leaving
some place. It gets scary and this is for her safety. I wanted voice so she
does not have to look, just follow directions.
This is no lie. She renewed her drivers licence two weeks ago and left the
place two miles from home and called when she was almost in Dallas! Plus
getting lost on Halloween after we went over and over the directions to the
haunted house. That made me stay up and I became determined to get her
Too bad you can't buy common sense direction finding:-(

Jack Hays
"I'll see you on the dark side of the Moon"

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