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[ST] Xbox

They PS2 is sold, so just my xbox is left. Price drop to $200, obo (plus s+h) 

1. XBOX 
1 Original Box with all cables that came with the system 
2 Regular Xbox controllers 
1 Dream Gear Wireless controller 
1 Dream Gear wired controller 
1 Game Stop wired controller 
1 Headset for Xbox live  
1 DVD remote Control and Receiver 
1 Far Cry Instincts 
1 Call Of Duty 2 Big Red One 
1 Max Payne 2 (still new in package) 
1 MotoGP3 
1 Project Gotham 2 
1 Full Spectrum Warrior 
1 True Crime - Streets of LA  
1 Black Hawk Down 
1 Battlefield2 
1 Tron 2.0 
1 Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball 
1 Crimson Skies 
This is a great system for a home entertainment system. You can copy 
music to it's hard drive in a MP3 format. You can play DVD's like an  
ordinary dvd player. And you and/or your kids can play alot of great 
Including MOTOGP 3. 

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