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[ST] Outed by minivan

Well it has been a long time lurking. Unfortunately a minivan decided to
try and sneak out in front of a SUV dark tinted windows I was following
when it turned into parking lot. As it pulled in and cleared my lane it
exposed the minivan already half way into the lane and moving. We saw
each other and hit the binders. She came to a stop in front of me and I
impaled the van with my font tire. Contact was between the front bumper
and wheel well, so a soft area. Luckily I never went down. I came to a
stop with the bike buried up to and including the lights. Right faring,
all cockpit sections, mounting frame, fender, headlights and fork tubes
tweaked. But, nothing insurance $$ can not cure :)

So, while they have the forks apart I think it is time for an upgrade.
The thoughts are either springs and new oil or emulators. I'm leaning
toward the springs at this time. At 230 it is a bit under sprung. I am
thinking about the HyproPro kit. Which includes the rear spring. To
stiffen the front and not replace the rear also just seems like it would
unbalance the bike and make it push and HyperPro is the only
manufacturer that makes both for the ST.

So, any thoughts?

'99 ST "Shadow"
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