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Re: [ST] Questions and wanted

As for tires.  Before going to CO for the HSTA national I put a new set of 
Pirelli Diablo Stradas on.  It's my first time using this particular tire.  
My first impression was that they danced a little more in the air off of 
semis on the interstate.  They respond well to being riden by the front 
wheel, leading with your chin I call it.  With the Avons I was using the 
whole bike turned at once, with the Pirellis I seem to be turning it on it's 
nose alot more.  They roll in quickly, but without falling in, and keep the 
line I request quite well.  Even when loaded for touring and doing wayyyy to 
heroic things on twisty roads.  Example, a few corners over Slumgullion Pass 
I went in little hot, laid on the brakes hard and just before turn in.  I 
actually got the sensation that the back unloaded and was waving just a 
little bit.  Front was solid throughout the whole thing though.  Rain 
handling was good, and didn't get any slides in the dry when running around 
Colorado.  They're alittle flattened due to the slab miles getting out and 
back.  But at 4200 miles they seem in pretty good shape.  I'm hoping to flog 
them a little more on some familar roads.

I'm just now coming to the end of the 1st EBC HH replacement pads in my 
front brakes.  The OEM pads lasted until about 45k miles, I'm at 72k miles 
now.  And the rears might need replacing sooner or later, but they are OEM.  
And yes, I checked them before going to CO.

Steven "Dirty Dawg" Kohlscheen

I am on my second set of fronts with 51K on the speedo.
But I'm on the 4th set of rear pads and 1 disc,  due to
not catching the wear on the first set of pads.

Once I get some time, I think I will tear the rear caliper
apart just to see if I have any sticking parts.
I use the rear about 1/2 as much as the front and have
been very conscious not to ride the pedal with my foot.

Dave Bardell

On Tue, 27 Jun 2006 13:13:01 -0400
  "Masiak, Richard" <Richard_Masiak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>WOW.  Front pads?  My fronts are original OEM and have 26K on them.  They 
>are ready to be replaced just now. I'll be on my third set of rear pads.  I 
>wonder if something is wrong with the caliper because I hardly use the rear 
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>My second set are on the way out at 19k.  There are two slots in the
>Triumph pads that tell you when they would like you to buy new ones.
>Just measured some new triumph ones at 3.8mm of material.
>Chris Harwood
>00 RS

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