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Re: [ST] Helmet laws ( Was Wrap Up )

Well if I were king (and I'd be a benevolent king by the way) we would 
have a society that would care for the truly poor by taking care of 
their emergency medical costs and everything else you listed. That's 
what a society does.

Now is a guy riding a $20K Harley truly poor? No, he probably has 
assets. Or I should say he had assets. Cause I would take everything he 
had until his debt to society was paid off. And if he didn't have 
enough assets to cover his uninsured medical costs, then he'd be 
working for me until he paid them off.

On Jun 22, 2006, at 8:47 PM, Edward Mallett wrote:

> The tax-payers (that's you and me) get to cover the following:
> EMT and fire department
> Ambulance
> Emergency room
> Emergency room physician
> Radiologist
> Trauma surgeon
> Orthopedic surgeon
> Maxofacial surgeon
> Hospital stay including medications
> Transfer to skilled nursing facility for recuperation
> Physical and occupational therapy - probably for years
> Public assistance due to inability to work or hold a job
> I'm sure I've left a few off the list.
> So......from a public policy, public health, ethical, moral and fiscal
> viewpoint, where do we cut them off? Just a rhetorical question but 
> food for
> thought.
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