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[ST] Helmet Laws

This topic is one that has me in a quandary.  I personally cannot get on 
a motorcycle without wearing a SNELL approved helmet after seeing the 
damage two two helmets from two different wrecks and knowing that the 
damage I saw could have been to someone's head.  I don't like the idea 
of government trying to protect me from myself, but I don't like paying 
to supplement someone else's care, either, when they end up in the 
emergency room with a head injury and little to no insurance.  There 
ultimately is no good way to address this issue except through educating 
riders who are willing to be educated.  That way they do purchase good 
helmets and do not pay attention to the myths that are out there about 
how helmets can actually hurt you!  The bottom line, for me, anyway, is 
that Darwin is always at work in the area of motorcycle safety, and I am 
doing my best to be one of the "fit" ones!!

'03 Lucifer Orange Tiger
(former owner of '99 Red Sprint ST)

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