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Re: [ST] Helmet Laws

That's like our stupid state passing a law requiring hand rails to be on a bike riding a passenger and the passenger isn't allowed to hold onto the rider.

Yet in the DMV driving booklet (for m/c) it says for the passenger to hold onto the driver AND shows a picture wrapping the arms around the mid section.

Talk about a contradiction.

IMO - That law is to prevent passengers from riding on rice rockets, since no rice rocket has handles (nor a place for handles) for a passenger to hold onto.

Regardless of handles I'd prefer my pillion to be holding me anyway.  That way I know where they are, especially when accelerating.  I can feel the pull on my ab and adjust accordingly for safety. 

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Couldn't agree more.  And talk about sending a mixed 
message, Since our Guv.  signed into law the "no helmet 
required law" here in PA --  

A rider going for his/her motorcycle license, that is 21 
or older, can complete the MSF safety course (and is 
required to wear a helmet while taking the course).  

But if they pass the course, they do not need to wear a 

Guess a little training makes the head harder!!!!

Dave Bardell
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