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Re: [ST] I think I'm done... long,

A couple of years back i was in a similar position. Several incidents or
close calls made me wonder about keeping riding and for a while i simply

Im back in the sadlle on an almost daily basis, driving every month of the
year. Yes, i know that eye contact doesnt mean that they have seen me and i
wear 'visible' (but not neon) clothes but i dont feel its a strain.

I know im not invincible but i do feel very defensive with my driving but at
the same time im really enjoying my riding. On a recent 300 mile trip i
allowed other bikes i met on the road to do what i once did but no longer do
and it didnt matter.

Just saying that after 27 odd years riding, ive been there and i came
through it. But you have to answer to yourself so your choice is right for

Pat Davies
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