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Re: [ST] Back from the track...

> The ST is a great steed, and it is more than anyone can safely use on the 
> road.
> For the track, the pegs are way too low (also ruined a new pair of boots 
> with my
> feet that low - ground right through the tow slider and the sole after the 
> 6
> sessions - 7th was on the R6, and I wasn't getting those aftermarket 
> rearsets to
> touch down....).  I really did feel the weight of the bike in the turns 
> too, and
> suspension short-comings, and some pretty bad brake fade by the end of the 
> day.
> Just to clarify, this is not an ST bash - for from it - finding the limits
> consistently turn after turn makes me realize how good the bike is. 
> Especially
> because the bike can still cover long miles in comfort with luggage.  I am
> rather just sharing my experience, and thoughts from it.  I am however 
> looking
> at some track bikes this week (2001 R1, 2003 R6, 2002 GSX-R 750).  I will
> hopefully have one all set up for my return to the track in a few weeks 
> (Pocono
> Raceway here I come - finally a track run counter-clockwise)

I agree, and which is why I now have the ZX-6R in the garage. Light, 
well-suspended, turns on a dime. Good stuff when riding hard.


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