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[ST] for Jonathon - fast idle

 >>> I have to wonder if there is a different fuel map while in neutral. <<<
    If the crankshaft position sensor is fading out it will cause the 
ECM to provide fuel just a millisecond too long,... in other words it 
runs rich.  Unloading the engine by shifting into neutral will cause the 
idle to increase.  Check and see if your average fuel mileage has decreased.

>>> for "Sprint ST" - Liability...I stand corrected <<<

    I'm certainly very sorry that this tragedy occured in your life.  Even a big settlement obtained with a high-priced lawyer can't relieve the pain.  With socialized legal care (an impossible dream in the USA) all lawyers would receive the same wages, paid by the Guv'mint;... the same way it works with doctors in countries with socialized medicine.  You might bet a brilliant, dedicated one who gets you maximum compensation or one who graduated last in his class and has to eventually become a politician, which isn't that much different from our situation except that he wouldn't get a big chunk of money for pain & suffering he never had to feel.

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