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Re: [ST] Apparently clueless and break pads

Hey  Doug,

Just met her brother a few weeks ago.  Her nephew works the same place I 
do and he promises she will stop by in July,  since she will be in the 
area for Carlisle Bike Fest.  Gotta remember to take the camera that day!!

Dave Bardell
MillerSTown, PA

Doug Bailey wrote:

>Clean the chain, huh?  What's this?
>  Speed still has TWT?  I was sure they'd have gone all NASCAR everyday of the week.  Yea, I quite watching when they changed the format and that most excellent host Greg White came aboard.  What a dingleberry.  The other three shows made me gag too.  But Michelle What's Her Name is awful easy on the eyes.  Saw she was at the open house for Hermy's Triumph.  Lucky dawgs.  Her brother is a customer there. 
>  EBC Double H pads are the best.  Period.
>  Doug 
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