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Re: [ST] Beemer GP?

I was just having a little dig at BMW fans. 

I was at Eastern Creek, Sydney around '96 or '97 for the return of an annual 
endurance race known as The Six Hour. A team in that event ran two Beemers. I 
cant remember the exact model and google has failed me, but it was the boxer 
motor with the twin pipes under the seat. They sounded real nice at full noise. 
The riders had problems keeping the heads off the ground in corners and they 
werent very competitive as a result of the loss of lean angle. Both bikes 
suffered heavily, but the blokes on them had a lot of fun.

A mate of mine ran a Daytona 595 in that event and was doing really well 
until someone took his front wheel out in turn twelve. He limped back to the pits 
and got the bike going by pilfering parts from a display bike set up in the 
pit garage.

It would be great to see BMW and Triumph back into the MotoGP mix. 

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