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Re: [ST] brake lines- for Neil

Hi Neil, 

Yes, I am aware that my Sprint lines are braided....my
only point was that after about a $1000 worth of top
notch aftermarket upgrades, the brakes on my Superhawk
were no better than my stock Sprint. In fact, not as

I cant complain, though, because I bought the
Superhawk that way. Its original owner bought it new,
put a total of about $3500 worth of goodies 
( aforementioned brakes, Penske shock, full Lindemann
treatment up front, and Yosh pipes ), painstakingly
put everything on himself in the best way possible,
put 2800 miles on the bike, just enough to thoroughly
break it in, and then sold it to me less than a year
later for less than what the bike cost wihtout all the

It is really is a sweet bike. Its character is just
enough different than the Sprint to justify them both.
Its a twin, and makes it power differently of course.
It has more low end torque and will loft the front
tire much easier, if desired. It is a bit lighter and
nimbler, and turns a little better than the RS, the RS
has power on top and better brakes. The RS's ergos are
also much better. I can tour on it, the Superhawk is
relegated to day rides....I compare riding her to
having sex with a 19 year old...fun as hell, but she
damn near leaves you for dead....

My apologies in advance to any ladies on the list....



--- Neil Lindsey <Neil.Lindsey@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> your post seems to suggest that you don't realize
> that the brake lines
> on the Sprint ARE steel braided
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> Sent: Wednesday, June 14, 2006 9:42 AM
> Subject: Re: [ST] Roethlisberger
> > I am all for that... What pads does everyone else
> use?
> > The brakes on my RS are the best I have ever
> > experienced. So much so that I not only want to
> reuse
> > new Triumph OEM pads on the RS, but also on my
> > Superhawk ( they are interchangeable). My
> Superhawk
> > has braided lines all the way around, and Brembo
> cast
> > iron full floaters up front, and it doesnt stop as
> > well as my bone stock 02 RS. It has stopping
> power,
> > but it requires WAY more pressure on the lever, so
> > much so my hand aches at the end of the day. The
> feel
> > and modulation is also nowhere near that of the
> RS...
> >
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