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Re: [ST] other topic: world cup

On Jun 13, 2006, at 4:38 AM, Steve Lawler wrote:

> In a previous email, dbardell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx stated:
>> Wonder if the soccer(football) players wear helmets if riding a
>> motorcycle??
> It turns out that the football (not soccer) players don't:
> http://kdka.com/local/local_story_163114722.html

He had to be someone famous.
He had to be riding helmetless.
He had to crash a Suzuki Hayabusa. (Wadded it pretty good from the 
pictures I saw on TV.)

What great publicity for our sport. Thank god that Bush flew to Iraq 
and the weather was acting up in Florida so there was something else to 
talk about this morning. Even third in line behind those two headlines 
the news was still making a big deal out of it. Now if he had crashed 
his car and even died, I'm sure there wouldn't be an outcry that 
everyone who drives a car is just an insane person with a death wish.

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